The problem of data transformation is solved in numerous ways with different levels of smartness and in different flavors. ETL (extract – transform – load) processes is a buzz word strongly related to this topic. Basically the requirement is to get a defined set of data entities, that would be data structures like records from tables in schemas from one presentation into another.
That can be just a space time transformation (trivial as it maintains the structure – shape) or structural transformation which is shape changing.
Based on some concepts of linear algebra where a fully understood algorithm has been defined over the last centuries, mostly the actual work done on different presentations of so called vectors ( which are well defined sets of data within a presentation (multi dimensional space) ).
So something like the image above.
Now, the idea is to try presenting a data structure in a space or what is equivalent provide a bi-directional transformation (mapping) onto that space.
Impossible? I don’t think so. Conclusion, do it then! Ok, watch this blog and your curiosity will be satisfied …