German Konsulate

Web hosted database to capture mailer responses.

Version 1_0_0

  • Create database tables: logging, event, email, mailer, response tables
  • Create database procedures: mailer generation, response call, response counter (result report)
  • Create database script
  • Create php pages linking to the database response call procedure
  • Create php pages linking to teh response counter report

This version is not recording the actual email address which responded. This is due to the mailer generation being completely on the konsulates domain which is not open for data querying.
The mailer contains one link which points to the response call page on sofadeves web server. On click a positive response is logged.
There is no further validation build in to verify multiple responses or identity of responses.

Version 1_0_1

  • Create php page to prompt response for yes and no. This is to avoid accidental response link clicking
  • Amend response logging to capture http referrer info and more. This is to allow for validation of all logged responses, ie. multiples, spams, …