The services offered by sofaDEVE comprise the following areas: Database Development; Web HostingBusiness Systems & Process AnalysisProject Management; and IT Consultancy.

Each service is delivered on the basis of expertise gathered in a wide range of business sectors. Our efficient working methods allow us effective knowledge transfer and thus the development of simple and elegant solutions. We are proud of what we do and are always happy to talk about it!

The following paragraphs give a brief overview of the services we provide. For more information check out the pages for each of our services and get in touch for a more personal introduction and insight.

Throughout every project we handle we take a pro active approach. Communication is our most important tool and we make sure that it is in constant use. We believe that it is essential to develop strong relationships with our clients and an environment where unreserved constructive critiques are possible. Furthermore, we only handle a small number of projects at any time so that we can focus fully on each of our clients. Delivery check lists and immediate access to live online documentation ensure that you are involved fully throughout the entire project.

As already mentioned, we have had the privilege of working in wide range of sectors. We have never avoided a challenge and actually excel in such situations. As you may know, there is an abundance of options available in todays digital world when specifying IT Solutions, Programming Languages, Platforms etc. We approach a every new project without prejudice and are always open minded to finding the best suited solution.