Database Development

We offer flexible database solutions comprising areas like :

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Storage Design
  • Data Object Relational Management (ORM)
  • Data Analysis (Mining)
  • Data Processing (ETL)

During the life cycle of a database development project we will utilise Business Process Analysis for the data modelling and storage design.
Database solutions can be used for:

  • Implementation of business logic
  • Persistenz of any business system
  • Back office automation
  • Data Integration of legacy systems
  • Control of distributed data

We do work with most major platforms (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, …) and do strongly recommend to use a database management system as the ones listed before which includes a programming language and has compiled procedural objects.
This guarantees optimal performance and simplifies solution maintenance.

As data is the fundamental layer and analytical unit of information it is in our opinion very important to provide functionality which helps to go along with new interpretation of data.
We like to think of data interpretations as patterns of information.
The development of information patterns is the result of ongoing analysis of data and does require a flexible refinement of the solution.
We achieve this mostly by implementing a kind of ORM layer which is part of our product tools library and is based on the underlying meta data (information schema).
The programmatic recreation of all database objects from a data model master repository is key to our flexible solutions.