Ulf Seekamp conceived sofaDEVE in 1994 and founded the company in 2013. Previously he worked for a number of companies and was internationally active in a range of fields. Ulf is a “Data-theist” by heart. The philosopher in him is fascinated by one of the well known dualisms: Ratio – Emotion. And an ongoing desire to find one in the other. Just think of Mathematic and music or Science and Art …

The focus of his work was developing a webFrame for easy implementation of database backends for any kind of business solution on the web.

  • Software Solutions 100% 100%
  • Sports 70% 70%
  • Champagne 80% 80%

Malte Köditz is an architect in his main profession. Malte has a great interest in online design tools and provides most of the graphical and design solutions for sofaDEVE.

  • Architecture and Design 100% 100%
  • Skiing 80% 80%
  • Beer 70% 70%

Pool of externals (more details to come):

Javad Fatemi, Mathematician
Douglas Crowther, Database Developer
Dave Gilmour, Project Manager
Alberto Riaz, Web Developer
Jonathan Frame, Solutions Architect
Jonathan Jouty, Hardware Architect
Maria Scisi, Business Analyst
Jim McDonald, Senior Programmer
Stuart Thomson, Senior Programmer