How we work
We treat everything as a project. Below is an outline of the phases a project usually comprises. This indicates the customer relation life cycle.
The sequence of phases suggests a timeline. This can of course be adapted by combining or skipping phases according to client project specific requirements or wishes.We do fully subscribe to the Principles behind the Agile Manifesto. As part of this it is about what works best. Even if it means to be Nagile in between.

Below is a rough outline of the main phases any project would go through in parts or in total. We ¬†believe in ownership of the complete project life cycle to guarantee a full and successful implementation from specification to operation. The timings shown here are only rough indications and should be considered as proportions of the whole project timeline (here ~ 6 month). Of course these are hugely dependent on the scope and complexity of your project. The objective of the Acquaintance phase is to bring “Body & Soul” together. Despite our firm believe in rational, logic and expertise as key fundamentals of a successful project we also know that any team effort is highly dependent on the individuals involved working as one.

Acquaintance Introduction Solution Monitoring Controlling Completion
3-5 weeks 3 weeks 2-5 weeks 2-5 weeks 7-11 weeks
  • Trust building
  • Very small project
  • Present Policies & Procedures
  • Adjust Language (Terms and Habits)
  • Analysis
  • Specifications
  • Environments (DEV TEST PROD)
  • Creation Dev Environment
  • Coding Execution
  • Documentation
  • Unit Testing
  • Creation Test Environment
  • Delivery Test Environment
  • System Testing – Rework
  • Documentation
  • Creation Prod Environment
  • Delivery Prod Environment
  • Training
  • Support
  • Maintenance

Further it is important to understand what will be delivered at what stage so there is mutual agreement on expectations. Please see the table below providing some indication of what that might mean.

Phase Description Deliverable
Contact Introduction via Skype or personal meeting Exchange of Contact Names & Details Notes of Meeting
Agreement Discussing scope and options of solutions. Notes of Meeting
Specification Specifying solution and resource requirements Specification Document
Contract Agreement and signing of Contract Contract Document. Setup of Sofadeve CRM shared environment with Sofadeve CRM tools
Environments Configuration of DEV, TEST, PROD Environment DEV, TEST, PROD Environment
Analysis Analyzing the processes and entities involved Analysis Document
Design Establishing all relevant design components Design/Specification Document. Compiled development task list.
Coding Execution of development task list according to design specification document. Build
Release TEST Scripted Deployment into Test Environment Deployment Script. Build Version 0.1.0
Testing – Rework Review Test feed back and add approved items into Task list Daily Build Release (0.x.x) and Task Review
Acceptance User accepted build Build Version 1.0.0
Training Training Key Users Training Sessions
Release PROD Scripted Deployment into Production Environment Build Version 1.0.x
Maintenance Establish Support Channels and Service Level Agreement SLAs, Supprt Request Handling
Final All Documentation and Data Backups
On a more general note please see the following wiki articles relating to this topic.Project Management
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